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A few weeks ago, with morning coffee in hand, I anticipated and was greeted by my daily issue of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) thrown in my driveway.  And on this particular morning, embedded in the center of the folded paper, was my monthly edition of WSJ Magazine!

Barbara Corcoran,  A Judge of the TV show, Shark Tank
In absolute Heaven, I sipped my coffee (one of my guilty pleasures) as I slowly skimmed through the enlarged pages of the magazine complete with many colorful and some black and white, high end advertisements of fall collections from fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Yves St. Laurent.  There was even a Fendi ad with model, Kendall Jenner, of the famous reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians!  Also sprinkled among the haute couture ads were articles and other non-advertisement photos.  

Then there was page 76, THE COLUMNISTS section of the magazine

This section titled, “WSJ asks six luminaries to weigh in on a single topic. This month:  Luck,” chose a TV personality, a writer, a comedian, an actor, a fashion designer and even a poker player to speak on “luck.”  I read the first response by Barbara Corcoran, a judge on the TV show, ‘Shark Tank’, and stopped. 

Barbara started her response with, “I love the word luck,” and short of ending her response said, “I steer clear of negative people because I see them as thieves in the night that are going to rob me of my good fortune.” Wow!

What caught my attention most was Barbara’s clear appreciation of the word “luck” while simultaneously alluding to the Biblical reference, “…Thief/thieves in the night.”  Some who value scripture, shun the word “luck” yet, I saw this as Barbara’s way of cautioning us to move past our word hang-ups and exert more energy on separating ourselves from negative people who, unexpectedly, can rob us of our good fortune.  Whether you call good fortune, “luck” or “blessings,” in the company of negative people, you risk the chance of being robbed of such favorable experiences altogether.  

As dreamers you must be particular about the company you keep.  

Dream snatchers tend to have negative energy.  If you continue to try and vibrate at a positive frequency in the midst of negativity, you might just fall victim to a negative mindset. By steering clear of negative people and aligning yourself up with those who are positive, you buffet yourself from the unexpected fate of aborting your dream before giving birth to it.

After meditating on the lesson: “Don’t get hung up on the word “luck.” Instead, expend your energy on guarding yourself from the unexpected that can result from negative associations,” I drank my last sip of coffee and opened my newspaper.


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