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"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the Doors." 

 - Jim Morrison


I just want to share with you some news regarding Ava. She recently ran for 8th grade student council for the 2018-2019 school year. Not only did she win a seat, she got the 2nd most votes. She comfortably stood in front of 400+ students and facility, and delivered a 90 second speech. I'm sharing this with you because I'm certain Hollywood Access Inc. plays a big part in her success. Ava has attended your academy for 7+ years to learn and perfect her acting skills, but her take away is much more. She has learned to be comfortable speaking in front of a large audience. She is mindful of her diction, and has learned good communication and presentation skills while attending the academy. You have taught her to be prepared, creative and to think out side the box. These are all life skills that have made her a strong person. Thank you for your passion and commitment! - S. Williams

I am very proud of him [Joey] and very impressed with the program you and Dr. Sabra have built. We are very happy to be a part of it. - P. Cooper

Thank you so much for bringing this level of access and training …I believe our children have a true opportunity to achieve their dreams because of you both!!! Again, thank you for following God’s will for your are changing our children’s lives because of it! I’m forever grateful. - C. Chen

...She's [Chloe] coming into her element more and more each month where we can see and hear the changes in her happiness and her performance in acting vs singing too. So glad we are working with you - and you and Gem see the vision with us. We are grateful to you and Gem and we LOVE our team of all of us, and the other amazing parents and kids too, and teachers!" - J. Jones

I just have to tell you, you really have a class act studio!! Parents really don't have any idea how good they have it here and the training you give students and parents!!! I Feel very blessed that Sarah is here!! - K. Bassett (After relocating from another state).

…Thank you both for inspiring my family as a whole; you have inspired my daughter with her passion for acting and being her best. You have inspired my son to do his best in school, and you inspired me to go back to school and finish something I started. You also inspired my husband by telling all of us to always fight for your dreams and to never give up on them. You both have inspired us in so many more ways and we appreciate everything you do. - A. Nenno

The (new) Acting school is non-comparable to the services, support and guidance that you provide at Hollywood Access, Inc. The kids and parents are so lucky to be with you. The resources you open for the kids are just within arms reach, and they should take advantage of it while they can. We would like to thank you for the support and helping us realize the potential our daughter has, especially while she was still at Hollywood Access, Inc. - M. Yap (After relocating to another state).

Hollywood Access, Inc. has truly met and exceeded our expectations! Being skeptics, we didn't jump in right away. Once we decided to trust the process, however, within a six month period, our son booked numerous jobs and was signed by a Hollywood agent! Learn the lesson from us - open the door to your child's future today, and you will experience a door that can't be closed! Ms. Gem and Dr. Sabra are dedicated and educated women. As a result of these ladies, we are literally going places we never imagined.They endeavor to teach and love our children as their own. Simply put, we are amazingly satisfied! - The Severs

"Grey is having a great time and asked after his first moment of filming, "When do I get to do that again?" We want to give Grey every opportunity - opportunities that you and Gem have made possible...Thank You!" - M. Foster

"We are so grateful to have found Hollywood Access Inc.! Your academy is the vessel that moves my boys’ hopes and dreams forward. Your incredible instructors and classes are truly instrumental, in helping them always DREAM BIG, and in making their dreams come true. You not only teach them the skills to compete in Hollywood, but you also provide them every opportunity as well. Thank you!" - The Bertrands

"I am not totally surprised at Jayce's booking a lead in the film, "Turkeys"... Congratulations to the wonderful team of Dr. Sabra and Ms. Gem who provide the opportunity for stardom!"- B. Lougaris (Media Guilds International)

"Jerick booked a role in the SAG film, Sins of our Youth! He is so excited and we couldn't wait to share the news with you as you always told us his time would come. He learned so much from Hollywood Access... I just wanted to share the news with you and Dr. Sabra as we think very highly of you all and we thought you would like to share in the excitement." - L. Meagher

"Love this acting school, my son Bryan's personality has blossomed since he's been attending. They are the real deal, check out their website u won't be disappointed." - B. Clayton (Posted on Facebook, February 20, 2013)

"This is where we met these folks. During the magnet school showing. Can't say enough good things about them. I am very pleased!" - A. Grigsby-Cardenas (Response to August 27, 2011 Facebook posting)

“The Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment) program is teaching my daughter that she can achieve anything by believing in herself and having determination. The staff encourage her and offer so much support. Everyone makes her feel they are her biggest fans - she loves the attention and encouragement." -T. Wozniak

“Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment) is an excellent program that provides a variety of classes in acting, modeling, life skills, and vocals. The instructors are also very knowledgeable. What I like best about the program is the variety of classes offered in a warm and friendly environment with the main emphasis being the growth of my child as a person as well as a talent in the industry." - D. Anderson

"The most important feature of the program is the opportunity for my son to audition for industry professionals on a regular basis. I also like the fact that everyone involved cares for the growth and success of each child involved in the program." - R. Davis

"I am greatly satisfied with Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment). The feedback from teachers have been positive, honest and encouraging. They exemplify true professionalism in the business." - S. Williams

"My child loves coming to class. He looks forward to it every week. The best thing about the Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment) program is the personal experience they provide to both the parents and the child. They know each of us personally!" -V. Castro

"Grant's first session exceeded our expectations. He learned many things related to the industry that was unexpected. The classes are encouraging Grant to hold his head up and be more confident. The positive attitude of all of those who work at Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment) contagious" - S. Johnson

"The class met my expectations and prepared me for commercial acting. I am better prepared to do auditions. The most important feature of this program is that it teaches you the professional way of acting and how to get started from nothing." - J. Gossett

"If my child never gets a part, he will have learned how to dress and the value of manners. Attending this program has helped him to develop himself as a person." - K. Arcotta

"Hollywood Access, Inc. (formerly Vision Entertainment) is an excellent program that provides the necessary tools for my kid to succeed in the show business industry. What I like best about the program is the opportunity that it provides my daughter to pursue her dreams." - J. Daher

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